Multi Listing Service, Costa Rica


Multi Listing Service CR, Details

MLSONLINECR.COM is an Online Real Estate Solution for Costa Rica and Central American Real Estate Agents and Agencies.

Developed by Oso Viejo, the MLS Package includes:
  • Web Page, tailored for your business that links to the MLS Database. If you do not currently have a Domain Name registered, we can provide a sub-domain name at no additional cost (, or we can purchase your own Registered Domain for you for $15.13/yr.
  • Hosting for your website and database.
  • Database Access to your listings from your webpage
  • Database Access to all MLS member listings from your web-page (business expansion)
  • Pachelbel Administration Package that allows easy Listing Database insertion, modification or deletion. For security reasons, Pachelbel Admin only allows access to your listings only.

MLSONLINECR.COM is an Online Real Estate Database for Costa Rican listings, property details and "Listing Company" contact information. Listings are from Real Estate Professionals that are members of the MLSONLINECR.COM Multiple Listing Service.

MLSONLINECR.COM features "Pachelpel Content Management System". PCMS allows you to easily insert, modify and delete "your" Records, thereby providing you with Content Control. If you can work with Facebook, you can use PCMS.

Pricing starts at only $20 per month, Don't delay, request a quotation tailored for your Company.

We will process your application and get back to qualified requests with the terms and conditions of membership. After approval we will send you a user name and password for access to the Pachelbel CMS Admin system.